In 1974, the president of Emerald Estates Realty, Inc., Ron Krauch, acquired a job cutting the lawns of about a dozen newly constructed homes in the town of New Lenox, IL. Levitt & Sons, (yes, THAT Levitt) had built out a new subdivision. The final few spec houses were listed by a local broker. For most of that spring and summer, he would cut the lawns and talk with the broker who spun tales of the quirks of the real estate business. It sure looked like selling real estate was a really interesting way to make a living (to a 12 year old, anyway).

Through the 80’s, he began remodeling homes and building new homes in the area. After few frustrating experiences listing homes with agents, he obtained my license to market his own properties. In 1995 he had a broker’s license and was working at one of the best-known local offices – learning the trade of marketing real estate. In time, he acquired the old Chicago firm of Wabash Realty which has become Emerald Estates Realty, Inc. in Palos Heights, IL.

Throughout our history we have evaluated several thousand properties with the end customer’s desires in mind.

Back in 1974, it was a 12 year old’s dream to be in the real estate business… What’s YOUR dream?

Our Way of Doing Business:

Buying and selling real estate in Illinois is a complex process. It is our mission to help our clients and customers understand the process make informed decisions and live their dream.